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uninsured, underage motorists involved in a collision
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Can i sue someone for steeling money from me and how much
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Total Permanent Disability: definition and parameters for assessing
Question asked about 8 years ago

50-50 Fault Claim (Not My Fault)
Question asked about 8 years ago

there is a sign saying , not liable for personal injury
Question asked about 8 years ago

Personal Injury, ICBC, Insurance, Civil Litigation

British Columbia

Yes - I am happy to provide a free and confidential consultation to anyone with questions regarding ICBC Claims, other BC Personal Injury Claims, and Civil Lawsuits for Damages as a result of Clergy Abuse or other institutional abuse claims.

16 years


I am a Personal Injury and ICBC Claims Lawyer practicing in British Columbia, Canada. My practice is restricted exclusively to plaintiff-only Personal Injury and Class Action Claims with a particular emphasis on claims involving orthopaedic injuries, complex soft tissue injuries, spinal cord injuries and brain injuries. I also prosecute Clergy Abuse and other Sex Abuse claims. With over 20 MacIsaac Group branch offices I travel throughout BC representing clients involved in tort claims with the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC). I do take referrals and provide professional assistance to other lawyers in appropriate circumstances. If you or your clients need help dealing with an ICBC or other BC Injury Claim please don't hesitate to contact me for a free consultation.


In most BC Injury and ICBC cases I offer my services on a contingency basis and do not require a retainer to be paid.

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