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POA appointment versus legally married spouse of 30 years....
Question asked almost 7 years ago

can I withdraw from the ministry an parents at 16?
Question asked almost 7 years ago

I am curious about an access question...if my sons mother goes out of town for a week wiht her daughter and leaves my sons with her husband (boys stepfather) and forbids them to stay with me...even though they have asked and want this legal? I mea
Question asked almost 7 years ago

How do I get an ex spouse to file correct financial information, whe she has refused?? Related to section 7 expenses.
Question asked almost 7 years ago

Legal help needed but cannot afford
Question asked almost 7 years ago

Family Law

British Columbia

7 years


Ari Wormeli graduated from the University in Victoria in 2010 with an L.L.B. While at Uvic, he volunteered with Pro Bono Students Canada, and enrolled in the Criminal Law Term, as well as the Law Centre clinical term, where he assisted a diverse array of people with a variety of issues, ranging from simple family matters to small claims to summary conviction offenses. In 2009, he was part of the Rural Education and Access to Lawyers programme and worked in Fort St. John for the MacLean Family Law Group. He enjoyed his time there and resumed working for the MacLean Family Law Group during his articling year, where he had the opportunity to work on a wide variety of files involving custody and financial issues, including grandparental and mobility issues. He has recently completed his articling year and looks forward to working as a lawyer.

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