Andrew Captan Ontario Lawyer

Andrew Captan
  • Andrew Captan, Barrister & Solicitor
  • 603 1/2 Parliament Street
  • Toronto, ON M4X 1P9
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Question asked 7 days ago

What is the crown seeking in understandable terms and what would be the most appropriate approach to my case? Thank you
Question asked 9 days ago

I recently found out about this incident and am looking to find out if the law has been broken or not.
Question asked 22 days ago

0% beer on probation
Question asked 25 days ago

Caught stealing over the age of 18, please help
Question asked 28 days ago

Criminal Law



6 years


I am lawyer practicing exclusively in criminal defence law, providing legal advice/representation to individuals who are either under investigation by the police or have been charged with a criminal offence.

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